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Our physiotherapists work within an interdisciplinary team dedicated to your care and goals. We work hand in hand with out medical specialists to ensure that this joined up approach works for you. This is the foundation of the care provided by our team at Opus.

Firstly, our physiotherapist will assess you to understand the problem. To do this, they will take a detailed account of your complaint, discuss any medical issues, and conduct a thorough physical analysis.
Taking all the information from the assessment into consideration, our physiotherapist will then diagnose your condition.
Using this diagnosis, your physiotherapist will put together a tailored treatment programme to improve your condition. This programme will also include exercises to work on at home.
If necessary, your physiotherapist will review your recovery as many times as necessary to allow them to measure your improvement objectively. In the first session, your physiotherapist will record your baseline data to measure future progress.

Our Specialists


Ian Gilham

Lead Physiotherapist

Ian is our Lead Physiotherapist with nearly 10 years experience working in a sport and private healthcare setting.