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Maddie Tait


Maddie treats complex foot and ankle injuries, helping her patients improve their quality of life and achieve their personal goals.

Having achieved a BSc (hons) in Sports Science at Loughborough University and further accomplishing a MSc (hons) in Podiatry from the University of Brighton, Maddie focussed her career in Podiatric Sport Injuries and Biomechanics. Working closely with Foot and Ankle Consultants, Sports Medicine Doctors and Physiotherapists, Maddie can help patients who have mobility issues, treat infections of the feet and ankles, and provide pain relief.

Maddie has a sporting background herself, having previously represented England in Hockey. She understands the demands of elite sport and the importance of physical and mental health. In her spare time, Maddie continues to enjoy an active lifestyle by running, cycling and attending Pilates class.


MBBS, MSc, PgDip


Registered Osteopath

Lead Physiotherapist