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Dr. David Porter

MBBS, MSc, PgDip

Dr. David Porter is an internationally renowned senior football and sports medicine physician specialising in all aspects of orthobiologics.

As one of the Founding Directors of Opus Biological, he is responsible for overseeing the team of physicians and laboratory scientists who have created a state of the art evidence-based stem cell treatment for patients.

Dr. Porter qualified in 2004 from University College London Medical School. Following specialist training in emergency and intensive care medicine Dr. Porter was later appointed to Chelsea FC as the Club Doctor in 2011.

During his tenure at Chelsea FC Dr. Porter studied Sports and Exercise Medicine at leading institutions both in the UK and Europe. Also serving on the faculty of the ATMMIF course, facilitated by the FA, teaching emergency protocols to fellow sports medicine physicians, club doctors and physiotherapists.

Dr. Porter was appointed to the role of Men’s First Team Doctor at Chelsea FC at the beginning of the 2015/2016 season. Over the following 4 football seasons he worked with the team at the training ground and travelled with them domestically and internationally on tour and in competition. Dr. Porter was responsible for all aspects of the players medical welfare throughout this time.

During his time at Chelsea FC Dr. Porter was actively involved in medical education and the development of innovative solutions to player illness and injury. Dr. Porter is a strong advocate for a non-surgical approach to joint and muscle pathology. His focus has been the use of novel and revolutionary treatment modalities to conservatively treat musculoskeletal disease.

Working in elite performance-focused sport for the nearly a decade has given Dr. Porter unrivalled access to the latest and safest treatment developments. Being at the forefront of using platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy in the UK for the management of musculoskeletal conditions ranging from ligament injury to the pain and functional losses attributable to osteoarthritis.

Dr. Porter has researched and brought autologous expanded mesenchymal stem cell therapy to the UK by working with the UK regulatory bodies to ensure patient safety and treatment success.

Following an exceptional career at the highest level in professional football Dr. Porter has translated much of his elite sports medicine experience to a wider patient focus



Registered Osteopath

Lead Physiotherapist